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Danny stannard dating in the dark

Rupert "Danny" Pink was a sergeant in the British Army, who later became a mathematics teacher at Coal Hill School as a civilian, following his choice to leave the army behind after a devastating mistake he made crushed his desire to be a soldier.

He enjoyed a close relationship with Clara Oswald, another teacher at Coal Hill and a companion of the Twelfth Doctor.

Danny ultimately chose to forfeit this false life so the Earth could be saved from a new world order of cyber-converted humans, and then turned down the chance to come back to life once more so he could finally amend for his mistakes while alive.

After the one-on-one dates, each contestant can choose to invite another that they wish to see.

She also wears a pair of black bracelets around both of her wrists.

She has however been seen in a wide variety of outfits, ranging from a goth style black and purple ball gown to a pink princess dress with hearts and even one of the orange Fenton jumpsuits. Her personality is less dreary than the stereotypical "goth" persona that is usually shown.

However, the difficulty of balancing her double-life strained this relationship, nor did Danny see eye-to-eye with the Doctor's way of doing things.

In contrast to his hard-fought-for days as a soldier, Danny's life ended unceremoniously once he walked out into the path of an oncoming vehicle while talking to Clara on a mobile phone, without looking where he was going.

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Although he had been killed, Danny's consciousness was intercepted by the Nethersphere and placed in a form of mass storage, while his body was revived with Cyberman technology, awaiting his return when the Nethersphere reuploaded his mind to his upgraded self.

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