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In fact, live customer service chat is becoming more and more popular everyday.Some of these chat positions do require background knowledge of a specific area, and many of them do require you to type a certain number of words per minute, so make sure you read all of the criteria before applying.We've included a list of some of the most common questions and concerns we hear about as well as some basic information and referrals.

More than 1% of people who are completely bed-ridden due to back pain.

However, photo sharing can raise some issues: Sexting refers to sending photos, videos or messages that are sexual in nature by cell phone or the Internet.

If you're not comfortable using the phone, or would prefer to talk with someone online about your problems, then our online chat might be right for you.

You can reach us 24 hours a day by calling our crisis line at 403-266-HELP (4357). If you'd prefer to receive information or support via email, contact [email protected]

By Holly Reisem Hanna Back when I was in college, I worked for a telemarketing company.

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