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Sex chat 101

Snapchat is a mobile app that allows users to create videos and 'snaps' (photos), which can be personalised with filters and doodles.After a few seconds, the snap disappears forever, presumably into the realm of missing socks and loose change behind the sofa.Or maybe they tried to do something about it before but people didn't pay much attention? Ha Min Ho is also deeply regretting causing a controversy as a trainee, but we want to let you know that changing his name to Yu Seon Ho was not to imitate the Cube Entertainment trainee, but his friend by the same name.

You have to look at the culture over there, and the dynamics of the K-pop industry.

It's a misunderstanding that occured while joking with his friends. I don't often believe rumors even though I read news like this.

It's because I want to be aware and judge for myself. I sure hope they'll reach their dreams without getting involved in scandals. If such rumor spread, other people's minds can easily change like a blink of an eye.

He is also accused of changing his name to Yu Seon Ho (Cube trainee) in an attempt to cover his tracks. If she was not into 'his game', she should have ignored his messages or block him. Of course, now appears some ex-girlfriend to kick him when he´s already down.

It´s always amazing how these girls practically fall down straight from heaven delivering incredible stories.

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There are a variety of online predator-to-child scenarios parents need to be aware of.