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Over decades, the parents were fascinated in determining the sex of their baby according to biological and inherited beliefs, which depend on the human needs.

Sometimes a medical situation where there is a disease linked to either the male or female genes.

Greeks were convinced that the (y) sperm is located in the right testis and the x-sperm in the left testis, so Greek men tied their left testis to prevent female’s embryos, but the Indian man held his left testis tightly during intercourse for the same reason. So, we can calculate the time of ovulation and determine the time of intercourse according to the desired sex.

At the same period of time, French men underwent left orchiectomy in order to prevent female embryos production entirely. If intercourse occurs 12 hours prior to ovulation, a baby boy is favored but if it occurs several days before ovulation, it will favor a girl.

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I'm so sure it was a boy and was wondering if anyone else could tell at their 12 week scan what their baby's sex was?? I wouldnt trust any that tried telling me before 16weeks .

i was also told they used to tell you the sex at 12 weeks as the babys bitsr deff there at that old but because the baby was so small at 12 weeks sometimes it was hard to see on the scan.

Sex is a normal natural part of adult life, and so is pregnancy.

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